Herm Sprenger Curogan Prong Collar

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Authentic Herm Sprenger Curogan Prong Collar 
  • 2.25 mm x 16" (41 cm)

The Curogan Prong Collar Features:

  • Gold - made with curogan, high in copper porduces beautiful golden color
  • Nickel Free - ( recommended for dogs that have sensitive skin )
  • Water Friendly - resistant to rust
  • Anti-Fur Staining - great for all fur colors
  • Double O-Ring - reduces abrasion on leash hooks
  • Center Plate - Even weight/pressure distribution all around the neck

Like with most metals, it colors will dark with age. To restore its lusterous shine - use baking soda+lemon juice or a polishing paste. Rub gently with a cloth and rinse with water.

Notes: Please ensure proper fitting before use to avoid possible injuries. You may need to purchase additional links for dogs with larger necks. All equipment should never be left on your pet(s) when unsupervised. Any brand of prong collars have the possibility of randomly "popping off". Be sure to check equipment before use. As always, seek professional training for the best results and education on proper use.
*This product is not made by Beastleemade*

For more information you may visit the Herm Sprenger's site for more detailed information.