Training is more for us than it is for our dogs. With BEASTLEEMADE, we work on educating you to be a trainer for your own dog(s). We help bridge the gap between beast & owner by finding a common language through training. We do this by harmonizing correction & reward while still making it fun for your dogs, this may be other known as - "Reward based Balanced Training". Rewarding all the behaviors we want to increase and discouraging the behaviors we want decreased, leaving a clear path to our desired behavior. Just as nature intended.

Non-Committal Hourly Training | Training Packages
Our program is designed to strengthen relationships through dog obedience. The sessions range from non-committal hourly sessions or packaged training. Non-committal sessions allows flexibility, schedule training as frequent or less often as you'd like. Packaged Training offers a full curriculum - generally meeting on a weekly basis. BEASTLEEMADE caters to your goals and specific dog needs. Whether it's potty training, fear aggression, or even if you're unsure of what your goals are. BEASTLEEMADE is here to help you figure out a plan that works best and help tame that inner beast.

Initial Session *New Clients* (1hr)
Non-Committal Session (1hr)
Puppy Beast | Basic Beast (5wks)
Intro to basic commands - Name recognition, sit, down, drop it, leave it, recall, loose lease, and minor behavioral issues
Intermediate Beast 
Intro to heel, light off leash training, go to bed + distractions, duration, distance
Advanced Beast (5wks)
Increased intensity + distractions, duration, distance with commands
AKC Canine Good Citizenship Training | Evaluation/Certification Advanced 
(5wks) Proofing CGC's 10 test items + test prep
Behavior Modification (5wks)
Minor - major reactivity | aggression | behavioral issues | extensive training
Refresher Course (30mins)
Residual behavior | obedience enhancement from concluded sessions.

Packages listed as 5 weeks are design to allows our clients to have a bit more financial freedom. While we've seen many incredible improvements in a short amount of time - behavior modification IS a journey. The behaviors that your dog displays can develop into go-to habits. Training is done in phases and multiple packages may recommended.

Each dog learns at different rates and have different personalities as well as temperament. Your Toby 10 years ago may have been much "easier" dog than your wild and crazy Brody now. Never feel embarrassed, ashamed or discouraged, we're here to help. "Sit happens and we need to get real with sit"- Ha! 
Speak with our trainer to see which options best for you & your beast. 

Straight forward, sugar-coat free, structured dog walks tailored to help improve your dogs behavior while they're out and about. BEASTLEEMADE believes in transparency– from poop eating, rolling in the mud, reactivity, to sitting politely for by-passers– we'll keep you in the loop. 

Our goal is to give your dogs consistency while preventing unwanted behaviors by integrating basic obedience during your dog's walk. With BEASTLEEMADE, we focus on maintaining etiquette throughout the entire session.  If you're looking for someone to maintain or work on your dog's leash manners when you aren't available, contact us for a meet + greet to see if we're a match!


☾Individual Walks

☾Reactive Beast

☾Potty Relief

Boarding & Board + Train
Ever come home to a wild pup after vacation? Even after countless hours of training? We know the feeling.. BEASTLEEMADE understands how easy it is for dogs to regress while you're away and we're here to help put your mind at ease. During your little beasts' stay, rest assure BEASTLEEMADE will uphold your regiment and look to add fine tuned improvements. We strive for consistency and prevent unwanted behaviors from unraveling. Your dog's will be taught basic house manners and will live by the "BEASTLEEMADE House Rules". Contact us to see if your little beast meets our prerequisites!
***All Boarding is currently only available for exclusive clients, not currently accepting new clients***

☾Trial Run

☾Sleepover (Basic Boarding)

☾Board + Train (Intensive or Extensive)

Requirements for Boarding:

⋆New clients must go through our "Trial Run" (4hrs) 

⋆Fully Vaccinated + Boosters are up to date

⋆No separation anxiety

⋆Not aggressive towards people or dogs

⋆No excessive barking ( boarding is private / in-home )

⋆Appear to be in good health & well groomed. Nails must be trimmed or a grooming fee will be applied for us trimming them!

⋆Free of illnesses & injuries + parasites; fleas, ticks, mites, worms or anything transmissible.

Pick & Drop off times are scheduled between 9am-7pm. Picking up after 7pm will result in our 'full day' rate.

**With trainer's approval - if your dog isn't friendly with all people or dogs, your dog(s) may be subjected to intensive board + train starting at $200+/night**

Are you ready to think like a beast? Let's get you BEASTLEEMADE.
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We have the right to refuse, terminate, and/or add additional fees to any and all services at any given time, without reason or cause.