Go-To Products

A list of *Beastleemade tested* products that we love & own! 

Deshedding/Dematting Brush

This double sided brush is great for your double coated shed monsters. The inner curve has blades that are great for cutting through small-medium mats on longer coated breeds. Be sure to keep your brushing sessions anywhere from 10-30mins to prevent brush burns!

Donut Shaped Dog Bed

Tofu loves his donut! This bed is great for "cuddle position" dogs that like to curl up when they sleep. It's said to help "relieve" anxiety for dogs but we'll leave that for you to decide. On the plus side it's machine washable.

GreyHound Comb

Every long coated dog owner should own one of these. This is your partner in crime when it comes to grooming and brushing your dogs. Your "brush tester" - dogs are considered well brushed when you can comb through your dog's coat with one of these. Focus on problem areas such as; armpits, ears, behind the ears, mustaches/mouth area, cheeks, hind legs, stomach, and long tails. 

Large Mat Breaker

These are for the heavy hitters - large mats that feel like balls of wool. If you can't break down the mat with one of these, then you should really seek a groomer and have the mat shaved. Always practice caution when using tools with blades, you don't want to slice through anything that's not fur! 

**NEVER use scissors or wash mats in attempt to remove them**

Backseat Car Divider

Absolutely love this! We've had ours since 2016, in great condition and been one of the best additions to our Beastmobile. The barrier sits right behind the driver and passenger seat. It's perfect for SUV's with folded down backseats. However, something to keep in mind for smaller breed dog owners. *When used with SUVs or larger vehicles - without having the seats folded down, there is a small gap along the arm rest for smaller breeds to squeeze through the front.

Nail Grinder

A sure way to get your dogs nails as short as possible. So many professional dog groomers love this! From cordless, build-in lights, multiple speeds, protective caps - we can definitely say this has one of the best life expectancies and is pretty user friendly (be sure to keep long hair and fur away or you'll end up with a new hairline/bald spot). And of course like with all equipment, it does require some conditioning to get your dogs to build positive association and have them accept having their nails grinded.

Slow Water Feeder

A must have for us. All of our clients that board with us - also drink out of this bowl! It reduces a lot of the dribble drabbles - keeping our floors fairly dry. Highly recommended for canine camels, long-lipped, slash-a-roo, mustached mongrels.

Pet Carrier Backpack

We love this backpack! It has compartments to carry a water bottle, a small side pocket for storage, opens at the top and the back can extend into a duffle sized width ( perfect for when you're stationary ). A great way to bring your puppy out for socialization / exposure or even simply just bringing your pet along. The material is pretty durable but I wouldn't recommend this for dogs over 17lbs or dogs that chew through mesh.

Dog "Potty" Bell

For those that have had a "potty" session with us, may recognize this one! Great potty training tool once you've taught to your dogs how to use it. Careful, they may associate it with treats and will be ringing harder than an impatient customer. Ha!

*We definitely prefer this over the hanging bells because with the hanging ones - Tofu actually got his dewclaw stuck in one of the slits. Thankfully we were home and I was able to give him a "wait" command so I could remove it from his paw. He could've ripped his dew claw off!

Professional Dryer

This is just the few of many. Let us know if we're missing anything!