Dog Food Sources

The struggle to find the perfect dog food feels like a never ending venture. Here's a few links I like to use as guidelines that I find helpful in reducing the rabbit hole 'self research'.

Amazing website with ratings of almost every single dog food you can find. There's no shortage of details that are considered for grading. Almost everything little detail is accounted for; How the food is made, cooked, and processed. The percentage of protein | carbs | fat. The supplements added. Does it have grains or is it grain-free? Even down to the moisture content.

Things to keep in mind. Just because a food has a lower or higher rating doesn't always mean that food is going to the "best" or "worst" for your dogs. What some dogs do well on may be a diarrhea marathon for others. You could 10 of the same breed, eating the same diet and not all may have the same response or results. It's the journey of trial and error. Allow your dogs about 2-8 weeks to see how their bodies respond to the food. Remember to follow the 20% rule - especially with puppies or sensitive dogs.

The perfect site for all home chefs that love to whip up a home meal. The site allows you to enter in all the ingredients you incorporate to your home recipes. It really helps to have a guideline to insure you aren't lacking any of the essential vitamins, protein, carbs, or fats your dogs may need for a balanced diet. 

In addition to using their site, it's always good to get in touch with a pet nutritionist or speak with your vet about your pets diet plans.

Happy searching!