Our Story

Stephanie Lee
Owner | Dog Trainer | Designer

Stephanie grew up with animals all her life, from chickens to rabbits, aquatic ecosystems, hamsters, cats, and dogs.

In 2009, Stephanie began her journey working with dogs with a nonprofit animal shelter. From 2011-2018 Stephanie worked with hundreds of dogs- both private and large classes, accredited upcoming trainers for a corporate pet company as the District Dog Trainer, and even worked as a groomer after graduating from a dog grooming academy.

After years of clients advocating for her to provide dog walking & pet sitting services, Stephanie started the next part of her journey, becoming certified as a professional dog walker with dog*TEC, CPR certified with PetTech and DogSafe, becoming a member of the AKC Evaluator and Pet Sitters Association.

In late 2017 – Beastlee was born.

Under Stephanie's care, the clients often expressed a sense of relief that their dog's obedience regiment was improved and maintained.

In 2021, Stephanie's next venture was to create the perfect product. Beastlee became Beastleemade® and launched its first product, the "Beastleash". Stephanie designed BeastLeash to have all her favorite features throughout the years of dog training, in just one leash!