Q & A

What Width Leash Should I Get?
We offer two different widths - 1/2" and 3/4". Size preference varies between person and weight of dog. BEASTLEEMADE's favorite size is the 1/2", it offers the most comfort for smaller hands. We readily use this for dogs that are 90lbs and under. However, for larger dogs with more pull power - we recommend 3/4" for dogs 70lbs and up.

What Are Name Plates?
The perfect remedy for clanky tags. Name plates are silent dog tags that are attached to your dog's collar or leash. Each letter is carefully hand stamped and secured to the product. 

What Should I Put on The Name Plate? 
The name plate can have up to two lines. You can choose to put one|two names, one|two phone numbers, or one name and one number. Each line can have 1-10 characters. You can refer to our products photos for examples.

The Simple vs The Ultimate?
The Ultimate Beastleash offers intricate details with additional secured attachment points + personalization (name plate) along with additional customization options vs The Simple Beastleash is a 'simpler' multifunctional leash. While they both feature similar wearability, there's a length difference by one feet and appearance. You have the option to add additional length to any leash by following the directions on "Length Add-On" product.

What length should I get?
First, decide on how you plan to use the leash - cross-body? standard handle loop? or around the waist? Beastleemade's favorite length is a 7ft leash, we often wear it as cross-body. It's great for taller folks with shorter dogs. For customers taller than 6", we'd most likely recommend adding additional length to create a 8ft leash(if you plan to wear cross-body). If you prefer more control, a standard 6ft lead will do the job!

Is There Any Way to Speed Production Time?
Our products are made to order. We do our best to fulfill orders in a timely manner, however we may experience back-orders (especially during holiday seasons). We're looking to see if we will offer expedited rates for "Hurry Orders". Please send us a email for inquiries!

What's PVD Coating?
PVD coating other known as '
physical vapor deposition coating' is considered an environmentally friendly method of coating. This process is carried out by vacuuming a film that is adhered to a solid material - this leaves a beautiful finish with excellent wear and corrosion resistance. PVD coating is also commonly used for watches.

Are these chew-proof?
Nope. If a dog wants to chew on something, you can bet they'll leave a mark! We're looking into adding chains to our leashes, feel free to message us for your special order!

Do You Offer Repairs?
This is definitely something we want to offer as a service. Please send us a detailed email with information about your repair inquiry along with a photo of the 'damages', we'll do our best to see what solutions we can provide. Repair services and replacements may not be given if we detect the product is self inflicted, lack of care, abused, damaged through self manipulation, or used outside of it's intended purpose - we love our customers and want to provide you with optimal assistance however it needs to be fair and reasonable for both parties.

What If My Leash Has a Defect|Malware?
Send us an email about the defect|malware along with a photo, we'll inspect the product and decide if it's something that will require reparative services or if it will require replacement. 

Returns or Exchanges?
Please follow the link return and exchange to read our guidelines!

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